What are the options for exporting Bulk WHOIS Lookup results?

There are two ways to export Bulk WHOIS Lookup results. These are Without errors and All.

export options

1. Without errors

This is the default export option where the lookup results file only contains domains with “null” input in the dataFlag column. “Without errors” is the preferred export option if you only want to retrieve domain names with complete WHOIS data.

2. All

If you want to get all the Bulk WHOIS Lookup results, even those with missing or masked WHOIS data, select All from the Export options dropdown menu.

Why is the Bulk WHOIS Lookup results file I downloaded blank?

You may have downloaded the results using Without errors, the default value for Export options. Since the results file is blank, that means the tool detected data errors for all domains—which could be missing, masked, or incomplete WHOIS data—and therefore excluded them from the output file. 

Download the file again, this time selecting All under Export options.

export options